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2008-10-19 16:53:31 by Tanzeppelin215

I am currently working on a parody of METAL GER SOLID 4 so expect that sometime soon-ish

A couple of Oldies

2007-11-16 23:36:32 by Tanzeppelin215

Hello People who have actually enjoyed my movies. I was lookin at my old movies and remembered a time when I was even worse at this stuff. I would posy them on NG but Sadly my Harddrive had to be wiped out for some reason, and I no longer have the files. However, they are on Deviantart, so I'll ost a couple links and Hopefully you will tell me what you think.

An old Pep Movie that started it all rt/Preview-60668466

Family Guy vs. Ernie the Chicken rt/Peter-vs-Giant-Chicken-56780347 rt/Peter-vs-Chicken-II-58955635

Sorry, but the Little Lad Movie mentioned in the 2nd movie here has been deleted cuz I really wasnt't happy with it, but I may do a remake of it